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iHealth Company


iHealth Innovative Tech Corp (IITC) is a leading next-generation American-based enterprise specializing in nutritional health and wellness. With a strong dedicated scientific and development team, iHealth is at the industry forefront with its innovative product lines that promote personal wellness and beauty. The company has rapidly expanded around the world with a very large international customer base.

The goal of establishing IITC is to use the latest and most advanced scientific research results, formulas, and production technologies in the world today to develop the iHealth product series. Thus, entering the “longevity industry”, “age-reversal industry” and “wellness industry”. We strive to be innovative and be the leader in setting the market trends of the longevity, wellness, and age-defying industries! Break away from the past and embrace the future!

Healthy ProductS

Natural food resources

Proof of standardized certifications

Products that are nutritional with simple effective ingredients to better health


1. Advanced Gene Repair Bio-technology

2. Micelle catalytic nutrition technology

3. Nano-small molecular penetration technology


With the most advanced innovation technology and top standards in the United States, our medical grade skin care products makes your skin youthful and beautiful!